The Feedback You Need: The Role of Constructive Conversations in the Remote Working Context

The “digital age” has allowed a vast repository of resources to be available at only a click away. It has sped up the pace and capabilities of business throughout all sectors and inadvertently allowed less obvious elements to slip into our peripherals. The increase in reliance on digitally drived communication has masked the human-to-human disconnect […]

Business Strategy Process

IS YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGY PROCESS PREPARING YOU FOR POST-PANDEMIC SUCCESS? Being consumed by strategy planning during the pandemic era has only stood to reaffirm the old adage that says that the only constant is change. This could not be truer for most organisations within the business environment – who are constantly required to navigate uncertainty, […]

Get your hands on the levers of influence

The ability to be a good leader is more important in South Africa than ever before. The days of succeeding as a leader just because you were operating your business in a thriving, good growth economy are long gone. External market forces are no longer reliable enough as primary drivers for immediate growth. If anything, […]